Funniest Horse Racing Calls in History

If you enjoy America’s first sports spectacle, than you probably have a favorite horse racing announcer. Being a horse racing announcer is tough work. Their job is to identify the positions of various racehorses during the race as well as point out any sudden moves made by them. More or less, you have to be able to talk really fast and know your stuff when it comes to the sport.

A good announcer, or race caller, can add excitement to any event. He or she can also aid those who can’t actually see what’s going on. A good sense of humor and perfect diction doesn’t hurt either. Chic Anderson and Dave Johnson are instantly recognizable announcers throughout the sport and often imitated by comedians. Now, enough talking; let’s watch four of the funniest horse racing calls in history!


The first video took place at Saratoga Race Course back in 2008, by announcer Tom Durkin. Durkin, a New York race caller, is often known for his booming voice and  hilarious embellishments. In this particular race, the horse that comes from behind is named ARRRRR, and Durkin makes for one amusing call.

That’s What She Said

Now, anyone who watches “The Office” will know this phrase by heart. In 2009 at Hawthorne Racecourse, That’s What She Said comes from behind for a dramatic win. Michael Scott would be proud.

My Wife Knows Everything

In 2011, at Monmouth Park racetrack, announcer Larry Collmus called two horses competing neck to neck, one with the named Mywifenosevrything and the other Thewifedoesntknow. This race made for a hilarious and exciting finish. As any good husband can attest, the wife who knows everything won in the end.


This last comical clip took place at Belmont Park in 2008. This is probably my favorite Durkin moment. When a horse called Doremifasolatido broke its’ maiden and Durkin sang the notes of his name (literally).

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