Betting Online Vs. Betting In-Person

Gambling has been around for hundreds of years, and for good reason – people love the thrill of placing their money on something that gives them a chance to win more. Whether it’s a sports team, a horse race or even a game of poker, each thrill offers something different for the gambler, but the truth is, there’s nothing as thrilling and riveting as betting on a horse race. This brings us to our big question – which form of betting is better, betting online or betting in person? Each has it’s pros and cons, so let’s take a look at each!

Betting Online

AmWager_trackOnline betting today is more modern-age and practical than in-person betting, especially since there are so many races taking place every single day that you can bet on from an online wagering platform. In fact, some platforms are so advanced that you can even stream the races live from your computer.


Online horse gambling allows you to bet on multiple horses in multiple locations, simultaneously. This is a great option for the horse racing fan who has a few favorites scattered across different race tracks but can’t physically get to any of the races.

Online betting platforms are synced with your bank account, and most of them send you your earnings almost immediately after the race is done, therefore your money is safe and secure in your account.

Finally, several online wagering platforms have special incentives geared towards their users to give back to them. Whether it’s a betting rewards program or a referral program, these platforms give their users money back for betting, even if they don’t win the actual race they’ve bet on. This is something you definitely can’t get when betting in-person.


Due to the fact that online racing is so easy, some people think it’s too good to be true and there must be some sort of catch. Unfortunately, this results in people refusing to use online betting platforms because they view them as untrustworthy.

Another con to online betting is that when signing up to create an account with virtually any platform that syncs with your bank account, it’s imperative to type in your Social Security number. Because this number is a personal identification number, there are a number of people who feel uncomfortable typing this into the computer, regardless of how trustworthy a website is.

Betting In-Person

Studying upWhile betting online certainly has it’s perks, there’s nothing as exciting as placing a bet with a teller and watching it live as the horses race from the starting gate to the finish line.


Lexington Kentucky - Keeneland Race Track "Paddock"When it comes to betting in-person, you can’t beat the real thrill and excitement of going up to a teller, placing a bet and standing by the rail to watch as your horse comes down the stretch and crosses the finish line.

Opposite of online betting, when you’re betting in-person at a racetrack, you bet with cash and you leave with cash. This is a pro for many who only like to bet at physical tracks as opposed to online wagering platforms.


Crowded race tracks can be a big con for many, especially if they have issues with large groups of people. Another con is that unless you get yourself a good spot for a race at the rail or in the clubhouse, chances are you won’t be able to totally see it if you’re standing outside trying to watch as the horses race down the stretch. While there are plenty of jumbo screens scattered throughout most racetracks, it’s not the same as watching the horses yourself, and feeling the energy in the crowd as they approach the finish line.

So which type of betting do you prefer? Betting online and betting in-person both have their perks, but with those perks come some negatives as well. In the end, regardless of whether you prefer online wagering or in-person betting, the excitement of horse racing remains prevalent with both, and that’s a pro about the sport of horse racing that will never go away.

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